What to expect

Creating images that make you feel amazing and are unique are my number one goal.
So how do we achieve that?

  • No obligation consultation; I always want to make sure I am the right fit for you. 
  • Customized and creative photography sessions.
  • A must have list
  • In-depth pre-planning consultation
  • A what to expect and what to wear package
  • Sitting reminder
  • Satisfaction GuaranteeFor tips, tricks, and location suggestions check out my blog!

Here is a more detailed explanation of what to expect:

I always start with the consultation. It gives us a chance to get to know each other and make sure we mesh well. Your comfort and having your perfect images is always the most important thing during a session. I am here to guide you every step of the way, from wardrobe choices, self-care reminders, to talking about what inspires you. This is also where we discuss what your must have shot list would be and if there is anything of sentimental value that you would like incorporated.

During the consultation, we will figure out what would be best suited for you based on what it is you’re looking for and your budget. There is always a number of included images with every sitting so it isn’t necessary to purchase additional images but of course I want you to love every image so I make sure to have an array of images that show consistent quality and variety. I am very open and transparent about everything that is included in a sitting. I want you to be comfortable with the value you are receiving. 

Once we figure out what’s right for you, and addressed any hesitations you may have, then we will book your session. There is a retainer fee to hold your time. You will receive an invoice via email that will go over all of the details we discussed including location, time, sitting type, total sitting investment and the retainer that has been paid.

I will send you a couple of reminders, one is a week before, and it includes a tips and tricks document of things that I find helpful to prepare you for your sitting. After that, it is a next day reminder, as well as any weather information that might be handy.

The day of the sitting there is a little bit of paperwork, but I always offer to send that before hand so you can read and go over it on your own time and ask me any questions you have prior to the sitting. The only thing due at that time is the sitting fee itself. All your images will be sent to you in an online gallery that only you can see, you choose your images, and an amount of retouching from there. If you would like additional images we arrange that as well, there are also prints, photo books, and plenty more fun stuff. Once selected your images are back in the on-line gallery for you in typically 5-10 business days. Normally sooner.

I always offer a satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you would like to retake your images, or are unhappy with the proofs, there is an option to retake your sitting.

I want you to be in love with the memories that we create together as these will last a lifetime.