Pose like the Pros

One of the concerns that everyone has is posing in photos. Whether this is your first time getting in front of the lens or your 100th here are a couple of great tips for posing that can help you improve your images.

Bring emotion through your eyes:
Connecting with the camera makes a huge difference in your images, when you bring emotion through your eyes the viewer and photographer will see it. Looking in a mirror try making different expressions with just your eyes.

Move your hair around:
Try different placements, something very simple like how your hair falls can help bring a different intensity to your images. Try pushing it back from your face, bringing it over one shoulder, pulling it forward completely or different updos. If your hair is short don’t worry you can do this too! Play with the part, deep side parts, middle parts, or having it pushed back can still have the same feel.

Make sure to elongate your neck:
You can do this by pushing your shoulders down, or have the shoulder that is closest to the camera dropped. This will create an angle that allows for the photographer to capture more of your neck creating a longer and more elegant appearance. Working towards the light instead of the camera can also have this impact.

Eliminate the look of a double chin:
Bringing your head forward by pushing forward slightly through your ears will help reduce this. I like to call it doing the chicken. You don’t want to lift your chin too much so this can help bring a happy medium. Practicing this in a mirror can help show you how to extend your neck and head without it looking unnatural.

Bring the energy:
By changing your pose slightly every time a new image is taken it allows you to achieve a variety of poses that will make your image

  • more interesting. If you are having some trouble with this, turn on your favorite tunes! This will help bring your energy up and also relax you. Make sure to keep tension in your body.Check your posture:
    Stand as if you have a string coming from the very top of your head pulling you upwards. Push your shoulders back and chest out. This will give you better posture for your pictures! Hold your arms slightly away from your body, this will help create a more toned image.

    Final Tips:

  •  Create visual space by your waist, this will make you appear slimmer. You can do this by putting your hands on your hips.
  •  Turn your shoulders, when you pose straight on to the camera this gives the impression of larger shoulders, by angling them slightly it gives a slimmer view of your torso.
  •  Raise your chin slightly, but not too much! This creates a longer neckline and makes your forehead appear smaller.
  •  Stand on your toes, if you can’t or don’t wear heels standing on your toes will also make your legs appear longer and give them more shape.
  •  Push your hips back slightly, this will create a curvier figure, and if you turn your knee in it can slim your hips and create a gap between your thighs making them appear slimmer.
  • Bring your navel into your spine, this will create a more toned image of your midsection. If you do this while slightly hunching your shoulders it will create a smaller bust.
  •  Emphasize your shoulders by turning your legs and hips to the side while turning your shoulders towards the camera. This will also make your hips appear shapelier.
  •  By nature our faces are all slightly asymmetrical, takes some pictures of yourself and find which is your good side.
    Always find your lighting! This will make a huge difference in your pictures.

Finally: Practice, Practice, Practice. Do these tips and tricks in front of a mirror and see the different outcomes. This will help you feel more prepared and at ease for when the day of your photo shoot comes. Have plenty of fun with your photographer and you are sure to have a great time with amazing images!


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