How to make sure your makeup is flawless in pictures.

When doing your makeup for a photo shoot it can be difficult to figure out if or how it is going to translate into your images. Why does it do this? There are a couple of reasons, but the biggest one being that when you’re doing a sitting, you have to remember it is a different kind of light. This can greatly affect how the makeup looks overall.

So instead of stressing out, I have some helpful tricks, hints, and a step by step process of how to do your makeup perfectly for you.


Skin care
Make sure to pluck or wax your eyebrows a few days to a week before your sitting if this is your usual routine. Wash your face with a gentle exfoliant and use moisturizer before applying makeup.
Foundation, concealer, and translucent powder.
For your foundation, you are best going with something that is both full coverage and matte. This will give you the look of flawless even skin tone. Apply evenly all over with a makeup brush or beauty blender for a natural look. Make sure to blend into your neck.
Once you’ve applied your foundation take a look for any places that still are ‘problem’ areas. Under eye discoloration is very common, use a concealer in the contrasting colour to what you are trying to
disguise. For dark purples use yellow, for red use green. When applying to under your eyes, apply from the base of the lower lid down to a point on the apple of your cheek. This will achieve a more natural look. Remember to blend well you want your concealer to look as if it is natural, make sure it is seamless so that you won’t be able to see the difference on camera.
Once you have finished that move on to your translucent powder, apply to the forehead, center of the nose, and chin. Saving this for last means you will be able to see where you need it most. It is also good to bring this to your sitting in case you need a touch-up.
Eyebrows frame your face and can make a big difference in your face shape as well. Fuller brows will make you look younger, so filling them in can be beneficial to you. Remember to start filling them in with light strokes and then move with the flow of your natural brow. Your eyebrows should start parallel to the corner of your eye, when looking straight ahead the arch should peak above the outer rim of your iris, ending at a 45-degree angle from the corner of your eye. You can use shadow or pencil,

I personally prefer pencil as it is easier to mimic the natural eyebrow by making small hair-like strokes.

Eye Shadow
No matter what colours you choose it should always follow a similar pattern. Highlight or white on the inner corner of your eye, your base colour all over the lid, a second colour at least one to two shades darker in the crease of your eye, followed by highlight under the last third of your eyebrow. This will create dimension for your eyes. Try your look out a day or two in advance so you can tweak it if necessary.
A little red eyeshadow used to line your bottom lash line will make every eye colour stand out. Use an angled brush and apply gingerly.

Make sure to apply this very close to your upper lash line. Start with a basic line over the top lashes and then get creative from there. When doing a cat eye use something to help guide you, there is sticker like press ons for eye liner. If you are not a fan of how harsh black can be, there are other options, browns, and even colours.
For a more neutral but still fun option try a bronze.


Whether you decided to go natural or put on a false set of lashes, your eyelashes are frame your eyes and can really change your look. False lashes are meant to blend with your natural lashes to give you a fuller, longer look. Apply mascara to top and the middle of the bottom lashes by starting at the roots first and brushing out to the tips. Apply a second coat if you would like. Then it’s time for false lashes! Put false lashes on after mascara so that your natural eyelashes will be properly styled with mascara.Apply a thin coat of adhesive, or lash glue to the lash band. Then apply to the outer corner of the eye first, working your way towards the inner corner. Gently pinch the fake lashes into your natural lash line with your fingers or a pair of tweezers.
To make sure they stick blow on the glue for 30 seconds and wait until it’s tacky before applying. If you don’t like the placement just remove them wait for the glue to dry peel it off and try again.

The highlighter will attract light where you want to make areas of your face more pronounced. Bronzer defines bone structure and creates depth. Blush gives the cheeks dimension and a little colour in pictures.

The highlighter is best to add this to the top of the cheeks near the outer corner of your eye. The center of the nose,but not the tip and inner corner of the eyes. Next use bronzer on the edge of your jaw, your temples, both sides of your forehead, the sides of your nose, as well as just under the cheekbones. It is better to start with a little bronzer and slowly build your dimension instead of putting on a bigger amount right away. Use a natural-looking peach or pink blush to add another dimension to your cheeks. Make sure to blend these products well as there should be no visible lines on the skin.
Using a fan brush will help for application as it will apply gradually.

No matter the colour the most important aspect of lipstick is that it is well executed and well
saturated. If you use a lip brush it will help you get better coverage and give you more control.
Try on your lipstick a couple of days before to see if it suits your skin tone unless this is a shade you have worn before.



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