Let your inner goddess shine: How to get ready for a boudoir photoshoot

Getting in front of the camera in some sultry outfits can seem like a woman’s nightmare. However, I am back with my tips and tricks for how to let your Inner Goddess shine!

Preparing for your shoot…
First things first, get yourself excited! Look through my portfolio, or check out Pinterest, find images that you adore. Whether it’s the outfit, the feel of the photo, or the pose the model is in. Find some ideas you may want to borrow for your shoot. Feel free to share these with me so I can get a good understanding of the vibe you want to show in your images!
Shop through your closet, find things that you already have that make you feel sexy. If you want to have something new to wear, take a style savvy friend and hit the shops! There are plenty of places to buy lingerie or a sexy outfit that will suit you and your personality.

  Remember, a tight t-shirt, oversized button up, backless dress, loose sweater, or just a pair of fitted jeans can look even sexier. Let your personality shine through.
Bring something meaningful to you or your significant other. Whether it is a favorite t-shirt, lingerie that you bought together, or jewelry that you were given on your anniversary. This will instantly personalize your shoot. It will also serve as a reminder that while you were doing your boudoir shoot you were thinking of them!

A week before your shoot…
Pamper yourself, make sure your eyebrows are well groomed and shaped if you are planning on getting your hair done now is the best time. One of our models went to Chrissy Glowz for her hair coloration it turned out beautiful on camera weeks later. If you do wax, it is best to do it now to avoid any redness or bumps for the day of your shoot. Please do not spray tan, and try to stay out of the sun. These both will make your skin look less luminous, or give you splotches of colour. To get that beautiful glow drink lots of water. If you are worried about retaining water, it is best to avoid alcohol and lower your sodium intake.
Try on everything you want to wear for the boudoir photo shoot. Make sure everything fights your properly, this way you have time to return, exchange, or come up with another idea. Make sure to remove all the tags and the labels. Store them properly once your done so they retain their shape and don’t get wrinkled.
The day before…
Time to prepare, bathe, shave and use lotion so your skin is looking its best. Double check that you have removed all tags and labels, having a label showing can ruin a beautiful image and distract from the subject – you and your curves! Pack your bag,
make sure to have heels, jewelry, your outfits and any other props you can think of. Make sure your nails are neat, you don’t want to have a chipped manicure or pedicure in your photos. Make sure to get lots of sleep. You want to be well-rested and relaxed.
The big day!
Wear loose fitting clothing to the shoot that way you don’t have any marks. From tight bras too tight socks you want to make sure your skin looks as smooth as possible. Have a little snack. You don’t want an empty stomach distracting you while you’re taking your boudoir images. Come with clean hair and a clean and moisturized face. If you are doing your own makeup make sure to bring your lipstick, and translucent powder for touch ups. Have your final payment ready, you don’t want to get to the studio to have to turn around.The most important thing,
Relax, and have fun. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We can play your favorite music, try to remember you are doing this for you. This photo shoot is going to show you how beautiful you are and let your inner goddess shine. You are in good hands, I will help you pose, and make sure you are comfortable.

I have never met a lady who has ever regretted doing a sultry beautiful classy photo shoot for herself and to show how confidently she can rock her curves.



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